FDA Orders Butchers To Halt Operations

Butchers at the “Articulator” area behind the Vodafone Head Office at Avenor in Accra have been ordered to halt their operations.

The order follows a Ghanaian Times publication on the unhygienic activities of the butchers at their Officials of the food and Drug Authority (FDA). Veterinary Service and the Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) stormed the area yesterday and ordered the stoppage.

When the officials got there, the butchers were at work.

The butchers, who had no boots on were seen washing the animals on the ground, and carrying the meat on either their heads or holders.

They used liquefied petroleum gas to fire the animals.

Mrs. Isabella Mansa Agra, the Acting Deputy Chief Executive of the FDA, expressed grave concern about the situation.

She said the improper methods of preparing the meat made it dangerous for consumption.

“There is the need for the place to be closed down for the butchers to clean the walls, gutters and the pipe stand, to ensure that the surroundings are clean for their operations,” she emphasized.

The Director of the Public Health AMA, Dr, S.A. Boateng said the butchers had been given a one month ultimatum to remove all cattle from the Kraal, near the Avenor gutter, since it is against the AMA bye laws.

He assured the AMA would assist the butchers to put the area in good shape and operate in a clean and hygienic environment.

Dr Boateng said a technical team would be deployed to assess the needs of the area and ensure that sinks, slabs, are provided, the butchers.

Dr. Bashiru Boi Kikimoto, Head of Bacteriology Unit, Diseases Diagnostic Laboratory, said officials from his outfit would be deployed to the area to inspect the animals before and after slaughter, to ensure that the meat was safe for human consumption.

The Ghanaian Times on Tuesday, July 30, warned of a possible epidemic, if AMA did not check the activities of the butchers.