Democracy Under NDC Is Bearing Bad Fruits – Bernard Mornah

For days now, the nation hasn’t recorded any good news about the nomination of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs).

Irate NDC members appear to have taken the country hostage with some even going further to openly voice disapproval of President Mahama’s nomination and or withdrawal of MMDCEs.

Latest to speak on the issue is Mr. Bernard Mornah.

The General Secretary for the People’s National Convention believes democracy under the current government is bearing bad fruits looking at the way unfortunate events have churned out.

He believes the team responsible for fishing out the right MMDCEs didn’t do their work well. In an interview with Okay FM, Mr. Mornah stated that the team responsible for scouting appropriate individuals to lead a district has dolefully failed the nation and must be ashamed of the strategy they used.

He observed that though this might be a huge challenge for the NDC, it affects the whole nation directly. He concluded that although irate NDC members might be burning down their party properties, it is the tax payers’ money that would in the end, be used to replace them.