“You Don’t Have The Right Of Imposing On The Prez” – Irate NDC Members Told

General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Monah has expressed disgust at pockets of vandalism and demonstrations by some disgruntled members of the National democratic Congress (NDC).

There has been hue and cry among members of the NDC; registering their displeasure against one candidate or the other following election of or dismissal of Metropolitan, Municipal or District Chief Executives (MMDCEs).

The recent one occurred at Nkwanta North Constituency of the Volta Region where six government cars were allegedly burnt to send a signal to President John Dramani Mahama that worse will happen if he doesn’t heed to their call to dismiss the DCE, Paul Levin Gyato who he has re-nominated.

Speaking to Suhiyini Alhassan on Radio Gold, Bernard Mornah said: “I am very disappointed at the turn of events. You don’t have the right of imposing on the President who he should take; that right is taken away from you…You don’t have that right to say that you don’t like the person selected and so you are going on the streets to agitate and so on…the fact that the person you believe must get the job does not get it does not mean that Armageddon should befall us…”

According to him, nowhere in the laws of the country does it state that the DCEs should necessarily come from the party.

In view of this, he said, the President can appoint anybody to be a DCE so far he believes the person has the abilities and capabilities to do the work.

“I have not seen anywhere in our laws that a DCE must necessarily be a card bearer of a political party…if people are to oppose, it does not mean they should resort to violence. The violent aspect is a criminal thing that the security operators must deal with…I think in all honesty that these violence we are experiencing cannot just be taken lightly, they must be attended to; it doesn’t matter how many of them…” he surmised.