#BBATheChase: Beverly and Angelo finally have sex in the house

By Osagie Alonge

Beverly Osu and Angelo

Bath tub things: Beverly and Angelo cooled off after having sex for the first time…

Beverly Ada Osu has made history by being the first Nigerian representative at Big Brother-The Chase to have sex in the house.

Beverly and her in-house boyfriend, SA’s rep Angelo got more than cosy at about 11PM on Friday, August 2, 2013 after fondling themselves and had sexual intercourse under the sheets.

The pair later got into the bathtub stark naked where they kissed and fondled themselves some more.

Reactions have poured in from social media Twitter with a handful of Nigerian viewers expressing their ‘disgust’, ‘disappointment’ and most interestingly ‘shock’.

I think once in the house you kind of forget there are cameras and people are watching #BBATheChase‘, popular blogger Sisi Yemmie commented.