Kweku Baako Commends Adu Ramadan

The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper has lauded Abu Ramadan, the National Youth Organizer of the People’s National Convention (PNC) whose application was turned down by the Supreme Court on Wednesday, for taking up a case in which, “clearly, the Attorney General was not interested in seeking a review”.

Kweku Baako Jnr. was in support of Abu Ramadan’s action to bring clarity to an earlier ruling of the apex court, despite the fact that his application was dismissed on technical grounds because he was not a party to the original case.

“It was obvious that the A-G was not interested or did not deem it fit to a review. So what happens…Can any other Ghanaian citizen proceed to seek the review, which Abu Ramadan was doing? In principle, to that extent, I think it was good to attempt to seek a review.

“Now they say he doesn’t have that capacity because he wasn’t part of the case. When the reasons come, we will find out whether the reasons are solid or not? So that’s an area that was an uncharted territory which I thought was good to explore, in order to enhance our judicial system,” he explained.

The onetime Journalist of the Year made these comments on Metro TV’s “Good Morning Ghana”, during a panel discussion of the Supreme Court’s unanimous 9-0 decision on Wednesday, which blocks Abu Ramadan from to praying the court to review its decision to allow any party aggrieved by the judgment on a Presidential petition to file a review.

In his application, he also prayed the court review its decision not to sit on a presidential petition on public holidays and weekends.

On 30th April this year, the highest court of the land ruled that the directive by Rule 69 C (5) of the Supreme Court (Amendment) Rules, 2012 (CI 74), which provides in part that “the court shall from day to day, including public holidays, when hearing a presidential election petition”, was unconstitutional and, therefore null and void.