[Advice Needed] How Can I Make Her Break Up With This Guy? Please Help!!!

imagesDear Tee,
I have been dating this girl for close to 2 years now. We have not had s*x but we have kissed and romanced so many times because she is still a virgin. We had a little misunderstanding, so I decided to date another girl in the same area. My girlfriend later knew about it, so I broke up with the girl just to make her happy, but she did not trust me any longer.
One month later, she decided to date a guy from her school. I confronted her when I found out about it, and she told me the truth. She promised to breakup with the guy. But I am finding it hard to believe her because she is in the same department with him. I love this girl, what should I do?

Dear DD,
You actually started what you couldn’t finish by going out with another girl. However, I think you should just trust her on it. She promised to break up with him, she should, coupled with facts that she told you the truth. None of you can be justified here because you both dated other people. The only thing you can do is to just apologise for what you did in times past, she might actually be revenging your deeds. Tell her how much you love her and how it hurts you to see her date another guy. Then, let her take the decision. But I would not advise that she dates the two of you…..that is where her own decision comes into play.
All the best,

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