P.V Obeng’s Committee Is Meant To White Wash- Young Patriots

Three weeks after the submission of the GYEEDA report, the President has refused to make the contents of the report public to enable Ghanaians and civil society take a critical look at the it and engender public debate with the view to ensuring prosecution of culprits and the restructuring of GYEEDA for a greater public good.

On the basis of the lack of courage by the President to publish the report due to its scandalous content which has the capacity to undermine the President and his Presidency, we the Young Patriots have attached with this publication, a true certified copy of the report which we are sending to all media houses.

It is our fervent hope that the Ghanaian media (Joy Fm) which broke the story in the first place will bring focus to bear on the content of the report by inviting professionals, academicians, think tanks and ordinary Ghanaians to thoroughly debate how GYEEDA was set up by our governments as a conduit for channeling tax payers money into private pockets and also to finance party activities.

We pray the media to do this with no holes barred and no person or government left of the hook. Ghana is a rich nation and has no business being poor and go abegging. It is poor leadership in the nature of GYEEDA that is wrecking our dear nation.

Young Patriots abhor any attempt on the part of the President to water down and white wash the GYEEDA report through the new committee chaired by Mr. Paul Victor Obeng. Ghanaians need to know the raw content of the original report to be able to make sense of any other report that would have been an outcome based on the first report.

It is our sincere hope that the media will highlight the individuals, ministries, companies, agencies, MMDA’s who through overt and covert means defrauded the state through GYEEDA. We also call for further probe into the role played by current ministers and deputy minister who for the sake of protecting the Presidency have been willy-nilly omitted from the report.

We further call on the Ghana police to invite all individuals and companies cited in the report for questioning with the aim of further investigations and prosecution of such individuals and companies. Our state institutions must be seen to be working and actually working without taking instructions from any individual or group of persons. This is the only way they can regain public confidence.

The Young Patriots in this statement have deliberately stayed off indicting any specific individuals or organizations because the report speaks for itself. It is our sincerest hope that this matter will be discussed devoid of our usual partisan politics. We pray that the report is not discussed based on the messenger but on the content of the message. Ghana as a country needs to be put first for once, to uplift her from the abyss she currently is in.

It is our challenge to the media and civil society to deal with this GYEEDA report with all the importance and force it deserves. Our ability to get to the bottom of the GYEEDA rot, will be the beginning of our ability and commitment as a people to fight corruption.

God bless our homeland Ghana.


Richard Nyamah
Hopeson Adorye
Fred Amankwah Sarfo
John Kumah