DVLA To End Activities Of ‘Goro Boys’

Mr Rudolph Beckley, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), has said the Authority had been able to block over 80 percent of fake receipts issued by illegal middlemen known as “goro boys.”

This, he said, had come about due to some stringent measures put in place by DVLA to stop all illegal activities by those who illegally serve as intermediaries between applicants and the DVLA.

Mr Beckley, who was on a visit to the offices of DVLA by Mrs Dzifa Attivor, Minister of Transport, said the Authority was working to eliminate all malpractices such as faking of test results, stolen payment receipts and others.

He said so far DVLA had interdicted five workers for their involvement in illegal activities.

Mr Beckley said due to the computerised nature of test conducted by DVLA, it had now made it a policy to issue license to only people with a minimum of Junior High School education to ensure that all drivers could at least read and write.

He cited the lack of proper road maintenance culture as the main cause of vehicles being declared not road worthy and not their ages or life span as some people thought.

Mr Beckley said DVLA had 26 offices across the country, adding that it had acquired parcels of land for the construction of offices at Tarkwa, Denu, Techiman and Obuasi.

He appealed to the Minister to assist them employ more people as the Authority was facing staff challenges in all its offices across the country.

Mrs Attivor appealed to staff to be always mindful of the pivotal role they play in ensuring that the roads are safe for all road users.

She congratulated them for mechanisms they had put in place to ensure that there was sanity in the activities of the DVLA as far as revenue leakage is concerned and pledged to work to ensure that the Authority employs more staff.

The Minister expressed disappointment at the support some workers give to the “goro boys” and called on the authorities to deal with any staff who might be caught engaging in any malpractices.

She also inspected DVLA’s new office which is under construction and would be completed by November.