Atubiga Organises Peace March Ahead Of Election Petition Verdict

After serving a three-day prison sentence by the Supreme Court presided over by Justice William Atuguba for contempt, Stephen Atubiga, a member of the Government’s Communication team and a native of Binduri in the Binduri district of the Upper East region of Ghana has decided to turn his misfortune and experience into a movement, to preach peace and manage expectations ahead of the Supreme Court ruling in few days to come.

The Atubiga Foundation as it is called is in fulfillment of a promise he made to his fellow inmates, to provide them with polytanks and other support services.

Mr. Atubiga also intends to advocate for fair trials for remand Prisoners through a nationwide outreach program, yet to be rolled out.

He is of the conviction that our prisons must be equipped well enough as centers of reform.

He is however more of the view that the youth should avoid acts that have tendencies to land them in jail.

To mark its official launch, the Foundation under the distinguished auspices of Mr. Stephen Atubiga, and in collaboration with the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) and all peace loving people of Ghana, will on the 10th of August 2013, embark on PEACE MARCH at 8am from the Obra Spot at Circle, through the principal streets of Accra.

This “gargantuan” peace march will include Ministers of State, MPs, NDC, NPP, CPP, PNC, PPP representatives and other distinguished individuals, who will be dressed in their various political colours.