Atta Kyea Should ‘Respect The Sanctity Of The Bench’ – Mornah

Bernard Mornah, a party to a case that was heard at the Supreme Court has advised lawyer Atta Kyea, counsel of Abu Ramadan (party to the same case) to respect the verdict of the judges and avoid making disparaging comments.

Abu Ramadan, National Youth Organiser of the People’s National Convention (PNC) and his lawyer, Atta Kyea had gone to court seeking a review of a ruling which was given in favour of Bernard Mornah, General Secretary of the same party by the Supreme Court.

Abu Ramadan had applied to the Supreme Court to review its decision not to sit on a presidential petition on public holidays and weekends. He was also praying the court to allow a review of the ruling of a presidential election petition.

However by a unanimous decision of 9-0, the judges ruled that Abu Ramadan had no locus to file a review on the matter.

Lawyer Atta Kyea on the other hand was not happy with the ruling, describing it as ‘unfortunate’ and a ‘miscarriage of justice’.

Speaking to Citi Eye Witness news, Bernard Mornah told lawyer Atta Kyea that instead of being upset with the ruling, he should rather ‘respect the sanctity of the bench’.

According to him, lawyer Atta Kyea should have realized from onset that their case will not yield any fruits.

“I am totally disappointed and I say t his without any reservation. Anytime Atta Kyea loses a case he attack the justices…you took your client to court and you were not able to adequately represent your client and the justices have made their ruling; I think the sanctity of the bench must be respected” he noted.

He however requested that the case should not be misconstrued to mean he is fighting his own party member.

“I don’t want this to be seen as a contestation or power struggle between me and the PNC. I went to court as Bernard Mornah and not in my capacity as the general secretary of the PNC and I guess that in a similar manner, Abu Ramadan went to court. So I would be exceedingly glad if the aspect of PNC is left out of it” he added.