Anonymous Leak: The GYEEDA Report

The Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA), has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons quite recently, following allegations of massive corruption in its operations.

Government in March announced in the 2013 Budget Statement a freeze on all new modules and plans to review the operations of the GYEEDA, which was formerly the National Youth Employment Programme.

A five-member ministerial committee led by Mr. Ferdinand Gunny was set up to investigate the alleged rot.

The committee submitted its report to the president some three weeks ago; though it is yet to be published.

Earlier this week, a Senior Adviser to the President, Sir P. V. Obeng, was tasked by President John Dramani Mahama, to lead a team to review the report of the Inter-Ministerial Committee that evaluated the operations of the GYEEDA.

The team, which started work last week, is reviewing the Committee’s findings, conclusions and recommendations.

They are expected to advice the President in line with the Committee’s recommendations and government’s own stated plans to review the Programme.

Peacefmonline has intercepted a copy of the report and has decided to publish it because we believe the circumstances in this case weigh heavily in favor of public disclosure.

As the Deputy National Youth Organiser of CPP, Ernesto Yeboah put its:

The rot in GYEEDA is serious. Before anyone starts defending let me draw your minds to something, recently the government has increased taxes on everything, including our sexuality, but none of them in government pay taxes, they earn the highest salaries any one gets paid in this country.

They don’t pay bills, their families are taking care of, they enjoy the luxury of traveling without queuing for visas, they don’t buy petrol and yet the little left for us, they take it, why is government so greedy? Is it a demonic spirit or what?

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