Samsung introduces ‘Giga Sound System’ for African market

Selorm Abasa-Addo explaining to journalists how the Giga Sound works

Selorm Abasa-Addo explaining to journalists how the Giga Sound works

Samsung has introduced a new high-powered sound system unto the African market to help take home entertainment to another level on the continent.

The Samsung Premium Hi-Fi Component Sound System, also known as the ‘Giga Sound’, comes with an unprecedented 30,720PMPO (peak music power output), which is the highest from any sound system on the African market.

The sound capacity and various easy-to-use features, all set on a remote control, promise to make every average user a DJ by themselves and also bring the club effect into house parties.

Audio and Video (AV) Product Manager at Samsung Ghana, Selorm Abasa-Addo told journalists the machine comes with a high-frequency and clearer sound, plus seven different ready-to-use DJ Sound Mode effects to boost the sound and ‘make it even easier for you to be your own DJs.’

The sound effects include the Flanger, Panning, Wahwah, and the Chorus and it also comes with special African Equalizers like Afro-pop, Iskita, and other sound effects to enable the user bring African songs alive on the machine. Two sound effects could be mixed simultaneously to create additional effects.

The AV Product Manager said because the machine was made for the African market, it has an inbuilt step-down stabilizer to protect it from the regular power fluctuations in Ghana and in most parts of Africa, and it is also fortified against thunder and lightning.

Abasa-Addo said the machine was also designed with special features to make children, and sports/football lovers enjoy it thoroughly.

‘It comes with a microphone and an inbuilt ‘My Karaoke’ feature for the children to do Karaoke at home, and it also has a ‘Football Mode’ feature which when activated makes you feel you part of the live cheering crowd and the commentary also becomes clearer as if you are sitting right beside the commentator,’ he said.

The system is smart and can therefore communicate with other smart devices via Bluetooth, such that it allows the user to link their phones, laptop and other smart devices to the Giga Sound via Bluetooth and play music from the smart device through the high-performing speakers of the Giga Sound system.

“You can also connect your smart device to the Giga Sound through an auxiliary cord, and it also has two USB ports through which you can connect USB devices and play music from them,” Abasa-Addo said.

The multi-colored lights in all four-in-two combined speakers flashes bright or dim in accordance with the rhythm of the music playing, and the system also has an ‘Auto Change’ feature on the remote control, which allows the user to seamlessly swap between CD and flash drive and continue playing music non-stop.

‘This means when the music on the CD finishes the machine automatically switches to the flash drive and continue the music without a break – and that keep the party alive,’ Abasa Addo said, adding ‘Auto Change also switches from flash drive to CD seamlessly.’

He also said the MP3 Maker in the machine also allows the user to record from CD to flash drive and vice-a-versa, which cuts out the difficulty of having to burn and rip stuff from CD before recording them unto other devices.

Marketing Manager for Samsung Ghana, Richard Nunekpeku told journalists that, like all other Samsung products, the Premium Hi-Fi Component Sound System also comes with a 24-month warranty.

He said the recommended retail price is GHC2,990 but the machine could be purchased with a 12-month interest-free payment plan from UT Bank, adding that the UT Bank forms are available at all Samsung outlets for eligible customers.

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