Gift ideas for your man

Gift ideas for your man

custom made handkerchief

If your husband or boyfriend is that special to you, do not wait for his birthday or any other occasion to show your love. It shouldn’t always be the guys spending on the girls, after all there is something called gender equality. Here are some gifts he will love, get your purse ready.

1.Cuff links
If your man is the ‘suit and tie” kind of man, get custom made or unique looking cuff links for him.

2.Beer him
If he loves beer, a six pack will do. To make it more interesting, it should be assorted beers in one pack.

3.Mr. Tee
Get him a t-shirt with a nice writing. For example “this guy loves his girlfriend”. Hey, a little self-promotion does not hurt.

4.Buy him a drink
If he loves drinks, a bottle of bourbon or scotch whiskey will do.

5.Great adventure
Convince him to cancel his plans and escort you to an event over the weekend, then surprise him with a trip. Probably a nature reserve or waterfall, somewhere fun. Of course, you are paying! We don’t put a price on love.

6.Case it
Buy an ipad or phone case for your tech-aholic man as a surprise, probably get someone to make one from African print for him.

7.Personalize it!
If he is a sportsman, personalize a jersey if you haven’t. A much better but more expensive idea is personalize any of his gear, golf club, tennis racket, soccer ball.

8.Hanky panky
Get a set of handkerchiefs!! Hold it! Get a designer to write sweet messages at the corners. Messages like “love you, xoxo Linda” or “its hot cause you’ve got a hot girlfriend”

Leave hand written sweet notes all over his apartment at places he will find them, like in the fridge, his laptop etc.

10.The way to a man’s heart
Find time and prepare his favorite meal and make sure you prepare it well. You will not beat his mother’s taste but he will surely appreciate the thought as well as the food.