Even If Angels Were To Deliver Final Verdict, The Services Of Police Can’t Be Ruled Out

As the nation awaits the Supreme Court Judges to announce their final verdict on the election petition, the Police Service has installed counter mechanisms to ensure any uprising is averted.

In any society, the services of the police can’t be ruled out and it is for this reason that DSP Cephas Arthur believes they are to protect the peace and democracy of the country.

He explains that even if Angels were sent from above to deliver the verdict, it would be prudent for the police to take care of the aftermath reactions that might develop.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM, DSP Cephas Arthur revealed that the service had held meetings with stake holders to educate them on the essence of advising their followers to stay away from violence.

According to him, they had met with representatives from the National House of Chief, Religious leaders, the media and political parties involved in the petition.

He gave the assurance that with the logistics and equipments which they have acquired, they will be able to forestall any senseless violence that may arise.