Petitioners are not sure of their case – Adawudu

Victor Adawudu member of the NDC legal team has said the Petitioners in the Election Petition challenging the legitimacy of President John Mahama are not sure of their case.

He says the Petitioners have moved away from relying on 11,138 polling stations and are now relying on 10,119 polling stations.

At the heart of this epic Supreme Court hearing is the claim by the Petitioners that statutory irregularities occurred in 10,119 polling stations and ultimately had a telling effect on the 2012 general elections. An effect as profound as a wrongful declaration of John Mahama as winner of the presidential elections.

The Petitioners who are NPP big wigs -the presidential candidate, vice-presidential candidate and the National Chairman – filed pink sheets which are the statement of polls from a polling station as proof of their claim.

The Respondents are the Electoral Commission, the National Democratic Congress(NDC) and President John Mahama.

The court after hearing all the arguments from both sides for 46 days asked the Petitioners and Respondents to file their written addresses to summarise their cases.

Victor Adawudu after filing President Mahama’s address with the Registry of the Supreme Court on the Tuesday explained that the Petitioners have been shifting the goal post of evidence they are seeking to rely on.

This proves that they have no case, the NDC lawyer suggested. But unlike the Petitioners, they have provided cogent reasons why the petition should not be granted.

But the Petitioners have in a press statement said the Respondents have not been able to tender any evidence of substance to counter their claim of massive irregularities.

They say the NDC has only sought to reduce the number of pink sheets that the Petitioners are relying on by rather pointing out defects in labeling of the pink sheets.

The statement added that the Petitioners are confident of ‘the sheer depth and weight of the evidence’ adduced during trial and the force of legal arguments advanced in their address that there were indeed, substantial violations capable of overturning the Electoral Commission’s declaration on that fateful day of December 10 2012.

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