King Faisal Captain Kwadwo Boateng Fumes At Suspension

Posted On Monday, 29th July 2013



King Faisl captain Kwadwo Boateng is demanding an explanation from the club for his ‘unwise’ suspension.

Boateng has paid for speaking out for the player’s unpaid bonuses.

He revealed he got upset and he was given a returned cheque and complained bitterly about the situation.

“I heard it in the media that I have been suspended by the president,” Boateng is quoted by the Ghana Sports Newspaper.

“Later on, the administrative manager of the club called and told me that Alhaji Grusah has instructed him to write a letter to me indicating I have been suspended indefinitely.

“But I don’t know my crime. Is it a crime form me to be given a cheque to go to the bank and cash only to find out that there is no money in the account?

“Or is it a crime for me to play for five months without salary and seven winning bonuses? After all these, I wrote for floating at the status committee.

“Is that my crime? How does he expect me to take care of my family.”