New arrangements to first HR Summit in Ghana

New arrangements to first HR Summit in Ghana

Prof. Dave Ulrich

Prof Dave Ulrich’s two day seminar in Human Resource Management that was supposed to be held for the first time in Accra, has now been rescheduled as a one day full seminar.

The seminar shall however include a dinner with CEOs and top Business Executives in Ghana.

As it is now, the evening of Tuesday July 30th will witness a limited seating exclusive dinner session with the Professor at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel from 5PM. The next day will have a full day seminar on human resource activities in Ghana. It will start at 7.30AM at the same venue. This will be Prof Ulrich’s first visit to West Africa.

The human resource transformation and master class host of international repute’s seminar is part of the ‘Strategic Management in Action’ Series and will be on the theme, ‘From Cost-Cutting to Value Creation: Driving Workplace Performance Through Best HR Practices”.

According to Freda Addu, the Project Manager for the summit, the objective of the conference is to help shape the future of the HR practice in Ghana and Africa by examining the latest trends in HR, define the contributions that HR makes to the success of businesses, and offer actionable ideas and tools needed to move HR from a transactional to a transformational role.

The conference is also set to enlighten business and organizational leaders on how to create real and measurable value for their businesses though values, long term leadership plans and on how to attract and maintain the right talent.

Both events are open to the public, yet the one on Tuesday has very limited seating while the Wednesday program is open to all with a lot more seating space. The organizers, 2SL Limited and Corporate Aims Services Limited, both HR Advisors and Consultants believe the presence of Prof Ulrich in Ghana is a great opportunity for majorly HR Practitioners to meet and to share ideas and to broaden their knowledge base.

Both programs will be interactive with detailed briefing on certain findings and offer all attendants the opportunity to direct questions to the “go to guy” for HR strategy, leadership and Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Prof Dave Ulrich.