Failed Marriage: Funke Akindele moves on

By Victor Enegedi

Funke Akindele on movie set with Mercy Johnson

Funke Akindele on movie set with Mercy Johnson

‘Dear God, I woke up, I am healthy. I am alive. Thank you. I aplogize for all my complaining. I’m truly grateful for all you’ve done’.

Those were the words of a recent picture post Funke Akindele put up on her Instagram page, apparently a letter to God, apologizing for her complains and thanking him for being alive.

After weeks of trending on the social media for her recently failed marriage, Funke has since moved on with her life and career. The actress who recently separated from her hubby of one year, Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede has certainly not allowed herself to be depressed with the recent events as she has returned to her movie sets and to doing what she loves doing while putting the separation and all the speculation that surrounded it behind her.

Getting her husband’s name off her social network IDs

Realising her marriage had come to an end, one of the first things that Funke did was remove her husband’s name ‘Oloyede’ from her Twitter and Facebook accounts IDs. Her Instagram page remains the same as it didn’t even have her husband’s name on it in the first place. Another queer thing is the fact that her husband’s photos were never on her Instagram, probably an indication that there was trouble right from the beginning.

Back on her social media

Although for days while the speculation lasted, Funke had refused to take her calls and also disappeared from social networks-Facebook, twitter and Instagram, the ‘Jenifa’ star has since made a bold return interacting with her fans who have been sending series of messages comforting and supporting her. In the last one week, she has been tweeting a lot, but mostly commenting about her activities on movie set and nothing about the crash marriage.

Moving on with her life

Recently spotted on location, the actress seemed not to be feeling no scar left from the separation as she’s been busy shooting movie after movie. She recently posted on Instagram, photos of one of her movie locations in Enugu where she seems to be having fun with Mercy Johnson and Charles Inojie while shooting.

A source told NET that Funke is taking the separation quite well, better than family members had anticipated. ‘It is one of those things in life. You either let it get to you and depress you or you put your life back together and move on. That is exactly what Funke has done,’ said the source who is also a close friend of the family.

There was no home in the first place

Since there was no matrimonial home, the couple have always lived apart and so it will be easy for Funke to adjust to Kehinde’s absence. While Funke resided in her Ikeja residence, Kehinde shuttled between Ikeja, Magodo and Oshodi where he had his other wives and mistress. Since Kehinde had  a duty to his other women, their meeting was occasional and mostly at Funke’s Ikeja residence.

Looking forward to a new beginning

A strong woman you might want to call her, Funke seems to have gotten a handle on the situation, accepting the demise of the relationship and investing her time well in her hobby-acting.

It is only a matter of time before she finally gets over the separation and probably open herself to loving someone again, but until that time, we can’t wait to see her make her first public appearance since the tragedy.