Catholic Priests Must Have Sex – Amekudzi

Legal practitioner, Benony Tony Amekudzi of “amicus curiae” fame says the Catholic Church must allow Priests to marry and copulate as a way of stopping the sexual abuse of young boys in the Church.

The Catholic Church has always been engrossed in allegations and accusations of sodomy against some Priests.

Not even the Papacy at the Vatican has been spared the raft of sodomy and sexual abuse allegations.

Mr. Amekudzi told XYZ News in an interview on Saturday July 27, 2013 that he strongly believes doing away with the oath of celibacy in the Catholic Church will go a long way toward ending the sexual abuse cases.

According to him, God gave a “command to man and woman to procreate” and so Catholic Priests and Nuns must be allowed to obey that biblical command.

The Ghanaian Lawyer, who, in the past, wrote to Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican and copied international leaders including US President Barack Obama over his concerns, says procreation is a biblical injunction which every man or woman must obey.

“I made a case to the former Pope and the Synod of Bishops of the Catholic Church to consider to allow Catholic Priests to marry to forestall all these allegations of abuses and all other things”, he emphasized.

He expressed optimism that the Church will, in his lifetime, “…consider this particular position to grant the Clergy of the Catholic Church the right to marry”.