#BBATheChase: Nando and Elikem in epic brawl

By Amaka Ojo

nando and elikem

Nando and Elikem on Friday got involved in one of the ugliest fights since the beginning of The Chase. What started as an argument between the two housemates almost led to an exchange of fists but for the timely intervention of the other housemates.

All sorts of nasty words were hurled at Elikem by Nando, who claimed to find Elikem’s ‘childish ways’ offensive. ‘You’re a b*tch n*gga. You’re 24 and I’m 22 but you shake your butt in front of the cameras. Who does that? Now I’m regretting why I never nominated you,’ an aggravated Nando said.

After more insults were hurled, an irate Elikem finally exploded and told Nando ‘I dare you to start this on the outside. I double dare you,’ and went on to add, ‘the only reason I’m letting you go is because we’re in here. Fuck you and your mother’.

Nando who already has one strike for carrying a knife to one of the Channel O parties, later said about Elikem, ‘I felt like stabbing that nigga. These are the niggas that deserve to die’.