Children advised to care for parents

The Director of the Light of the World School Complex at New Aplaku in the Ga South Municipality, Mrs Esther Hamilton, has advised children not to neglect their aged parents because they (parents) did not care for them.   

“Do not seek vengeance because the Lord says vengeance is His,” Mrs Hamilton advised when she addressed a forum on the care of the aged at the school on Friday.

She said children should not refuse to care for their parents because they (parents) did not care for them during their schooldays.

The educationist, however, noted that some parents, especially fathers, shirked their responsibility towards the education of their children, and added that did not give grounds to children to refuse to care for them, especially when the children were in the position to do that.

She said it was a painful experience for parents to neglect their education, which she said, “holds the future of the children”, but urged children to forgive their parents and support them, especially in their old age.

“Your parents did not care for your education, but God who created you found a way to support your education. That is enough for you to forgive your parents and care for them,” she added.. – GNA