£900 If EU Gets A Job In The UK

UNEMPLOYED foreigners are being offered £900 by the European Union to take jobs in the UK, it was revealed yesterday.

British firms can receive the same amount if they take on workers from overseas rather than those born here.

About 1.4 million jobs from across the EU are advertised on the Eures website, run by the European Commission.

Astonishingly, 808,000 of the vacancies are in the UK — despite unemployment in Britain standing at about 2.5 million.

By contrast, Germany has only 267,000 vacancies on the site, France 48,000 and Poland just 120. The scheme is open to jobseekers aged 18 to 30, and firms offering contracts of at least six months.

Successful applicants receive 1,000 euros “towards the cost of an interview trip or moving abroad to take up a new job”. Firms receive the cash “to cover part of the cost of training newly recruited workers and helping them settle in”.

Details of the scheme emerged hours after business minister Matthew Hancock said UK firms have a “duty” to employ British workers.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said last night the Eures scheme proved Mr Hancock’s words were meaningless. He added: “We are essentially paying the EU to give away British jobs.”

But the Commission insisted Brits could benefit from the scheme too by “matching their skill set in another EU country”.

Meanwhile, business leaders last night gave a cautious welcome to Mr Hancock’s comments. Simon Walker, of the Institute of Directors, said the Government’s welfare and education reforms would improve the employability of young Brits, but would take time to bed in.

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