Samsung rolls-out jet engine air-conditioner

Samsung has launched the world’s first air conditioner that uses jet engine technology to cool air faster than any other conventional unit.

‘Featuring an impressive power technology, this system cools large areas quickest so consumers do not have to wait for their rooms to be at the perfect temperature. And with Samsung’s unique smart inverter technology it also saves up to 76% energy which reduces operational costs,’ Mr Richard Nunekpeku, Marketing Manager for Consumer Electronics at Samsung Ghana said in a statement on Thursday.

Through the inverter technology, the Jet Engine air conditioner is said to save up to 76 per cent energy, which reduces operational costs.

‘The new air-conditioner with three vents uses jet engine technology to create a whirlwind effect that captures the air in a circular movement and provides a spin that creates a jet stream – delivering up to 50 percent more cool air than conventional air conditioners,’ the statement said.

The Jet Engine air conditioner uses the Zero Filter magnetic mechanism to attract and capture even the smallest dust particles, boasting of a built in Virus Doctor, which the Samsung says removes 99 per cent of airborne viruses and bacteria to create a more tranquil environment.

‘It also comes with an automatic 320V cut off power protection feature which provides protection against power surges and once the power returns to normal the air conditioner will auto restart. This ensures that even when the user is not around, there is no need to panic over power failure affecting the performance or safety of the Jet Engines air conditioner’, it said.

The Jet Engine air conditioner is currently available at all authorized Samsung dealer shops nationwide.

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