On Mills’ 1-Year Anniversary: JJ Rawlings Blocked From Laying Wreath

As the nation bade former President Mills a final farewell, an interesting thing, which happened on the blind side of many people, was that former President Jerry John Rawlings was not given the opportunity to lay a wreath to mark the end of his contact with the demised leader.

The expectations of many people to see the former vociferous critic of Mills lay a wreath, perhaps to end his criticisms, had their wishes dissipate into thin air as the NDC government did not make room for that.

Though government has not officially told Ghanaians why the turn of events was so, the popular explanation being adduced is, there was not enough time for all persons to lay a wreath.

At the One Year Commemorations, President Mahama laid the first wreath on behalf of Ghanaians, Rt. Honorable Doe Adjaho and the Chief Justice laid one each for the legislature and the judiciary respectively.

This was followed by the widow, Dr. Naadu Mills, then the Chief of Defends Staff, the deceased’s family and the Osu Mantse.

After these eminent persons showed love to the departed President, whispering became viral among the crowds gathered. One question was on their minds, will JJ lay a wreath on behalf of former Presidents? The answer was negative.

Some members and party loyalist on both sides of the political divide at the burial ground concluded that it was an ‘unfair treatment’ and an insult to the former President.

During the funeral ceremony of Atta Mills last year, the former President laid a wreath ceremony at the Asomdwee Park.

This time around, he could only manage putting a flower at the grave yard of his former Vice President after the official end of the programme of activities.

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