BBA The Chase: We gotcha! – Emeralds tell housemates

BBA The Chase: We gotcha! - Emeralds tell housemates

Some of the Housemates had to pick up their mouths off the floor as they watched the Emeralds chanting: “We gotcha”!

All six Emeralds gathered in Diary Room this evening to bid an emotional farewell to the Chasemates and wish them well for the rest of their journey in The Chase after having spent one week with the Housemates, pretending to be one of them and helping them to bag a Task victory.

And thus weeks of speculation about whether they are real or not, has come to an end. The Chasemates finally learned once and for all just who and what the Emerald Housemates really are – just another ploy in Biggie’s plan to confuse the real Housemates.

Some of the Housemates have not taken kindly to being duped; Oneal has had a sour look on his face all evening ever since Biggie dropped the bombshell on them. Meanwhile Cleo exclaimed: “I can’t believe this shit,” as soon as she learned of Biggie’s trickery.

As for Dillish, who was always the most vocal about her belief that the Emerald House had existed, she was as quiet as a church mouse as she watched her new friends saying a sudden goodbye. “They deserve a kiss and slap,” she declared later in the night.

But other Housemates like Annabel have spent the entire night boasting about how much clever they are than the rest of the Housemates for always being suspicious about the Emeralds. She and Angelo were the only ones that smelled a rat and remained apprehensive about the fake Housemates.

For the rest of the evening, the Emerald Housemates have been the hot topic on the Chasemates’ lips. What did you think of the Emeralds?

Annabel, Elikem and Sulu are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

We can’t believe we were pranked

Now that the Emeralds are out of the game and the Housemates have proven themselves right and some wrong about the Emeralds, life can go on as usual.

The game was made interesting by Biggie by introducing the mysterious six and the Housemates were left with a bitter taste in their mouths.

This morning after the exercise routine, Sulu and Elikem couldn’t get over the fact that they were pranked and that they were compeltely sold by the Emerald’s existence. Biggie sure knows how to keep the Housemates on their toes.

Elikem started counting how many days of The Chase are left and how many will be leaving per week from here on.

“This is the ninth week and so maybe one person will be leaving this Sunday and the rest of the weekends it will be two each,” he said speculating the situation.

Annabel admitted that the Emeralds were pretty good actors but they didn’t have all of them fooled.

Cleo said that she told JJ that he was the only one that was holding it down for Zimbabwe and he did not feel fazed about that fact, with Cleo not knowing that he was on a mission to prank them.

None of the Housemates can ever accuse Biggie of being boring again, that’s for sure.

What other pranks do you think Biggie has up his sleeve for the Housemates?

Annabel, Elikem and Sulu are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.