Feature: Three things you will need for Adom Praiz 2013

 Feature: Three things you will need for Adom Praiz 2013

Come 3rd August, it will be 14,000 hands lifted up

Come August 3,you will need a 30 or 50 GHC ticket for yourself, one more for your highest ranked person in your league table of friends and perhaps more importantly – an energy drink.

One thing about the Kirk Franklin concert is that it is not going to be a Christmas carol. And if you are having any kind of fast. Please break it before coming.

It is going to be an energetic outburst of compelling praise, a vigourous ‘stomping’ of feet and an involuntary waving of 14,000 hands. It is going to be a righteous cacophony from voices emanating from the audience within the glorious looking Perez Dome.

Remember, Kirk Franklin plus Cwesi Oteng,Cecilia Marfo, No Tribe and Ohemaa Mercy is not an assemblage associated with anemic performances.

And for a man – Kirk Franklin – who has promised to capture 20 years of his sterling musical career in one night, you might want to reciprocate by cramping a three square meal just for that night and solidify everything with an energy drink of any healthy kind.

All this is just to get ready to match Kirk Franklin’s career full of songs with a tummy full of energy. I bet you, this advice will come in handy.

It is going to be loud at times when he performs songs like ‘a God like you’ but it is going to be emotional when he sings ‘imagine me’ especially when you begin to reflect on ‘imagine you’.

Remember your struggles, how you lost your mum or your dad at a tender age, how you struggled on a GHC100 salary or did the worst jobs just to get this far – and how in all this – you won, you conquered. Everybody has a story of God’s grace, don’t you?

It could get real emotional and you could need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to lean on – all for GHC30 ticket more.

There is nonetheless one thing you definitely don’t need – a voice. Adom Praiz is for those who have voices certified to be melodious but it is also for others condemned to be no good for the mic.

Remember, it is making a joyful noise unto the Lord –so you qualify even if your best is a woeful,croaking and crooked attempt at singing.