NPP Communicator: Respondents Are Seeking To Trash The Case With Mislabeling

After a long break to pave way for the international accounting and audit firm, KPMG to settle on the actual number of pink sheets which the petitioners claim to have submitted to the Supreme Court, it has come to the notice of a member of the communication team for the main opposition NPP that all the respondents are seeking to trash the case with mislabeling and not the substantive issues.

According to Asamoah Gyamfi, the issue before the Supreme Court would be looked at in terms of the substance and not the form of the case; indicating that the judges will look at the substantive case and come up with the correct direction to the case.

Speaking on Okay FM, he said that the expectation of Ghanaians after the tangle surrounding the number of pink sheets have been resolved was that the lead counsel for the petitioners, Philip Addison was going to continue with his cross-examination but the respondents stills have issues with the pink sheets and its labeling.

He reiterated that the respondents want to portray that the issue in court is not about what happened at the polling stations but then they are seeking to reduce the case to exhibit numbers and categorizations of the pink sheets.

He further revealed that Dr. Bawumia in the witness box saw the challenge and then re-categorized some of the pink sheets but unfortunately the court did not allowed the new categorizations to be tendered in to aid the court proceedings.

He however assessed that the behavior of the respondents to be that they are looking at the case from the technical point of view and not what actually transpired at the polling stations which the petitioners have sent to court.

He therefore stressed that the respondents do not want the court to address the irregularities and the malpractices which took place in the 2012 election; averring “that all that the respondents are seeking to do is to trash the case of the petitioners on the basis of mislabeling and not the actual case.