Bad Ashiaman roads: Contractors to blame

Bad Ashiaman roads: Contractors to blame

Daniel Akumah, Presiding Member, Ashiaman Municipal Assembly.

Presiding Member for the Ashiaman Municipal Assembly, Daniel Akumah says government is serious about roads in the Municipality, but blames the contractor for failing the people of the area.

In an interview with Joy News’ Matilda Dennis, he also said “once the roads have been awarded on contract we do not do maintenance works on it again, unfortunately the people did not know and they felt we should do something about it”

Considerable work has been done on some of the roads in Ashaiman after residents went on a violent protest over the bad nature of the roads a week ago.

At least what had been described as manholes instead of potholes have all been leveled with laterite and water sprayed on them to reduce the excess dust.

According to Commercial driver Mustaphari Asomani Osei, “the laterite on the road has solved the problem halfway”, but said the authorities must not wait for the drivers to tell them what to do.

However, residents who spoke to Joy News appear to be sticking to their two-week ultimatum for the roads to be completed but Daniel Akumah urged them to exercise patience because “government has the construction of these roads at heart”.

Mr Akumah blamed the delays in completion of the road project to the attitude of contractors after they had been awarded the contracts.

“..they (contractors) come majestically and pose as good contractors and after you have given them the contract they do not act the same way”, he said.

If this road is finally completed, it will be upgraded to a three lane dual carriage and the traders on the fringes of the road might need to relocate and probably lose their clients.

Buildings along the road may also risk being destroyed or losing customers due to restriction of parking space. The ProCredit Bank and the Ashiaman Police Station are two examples of buildings that might be affected by the construction of the road.