Praye Hot Over Selly’s Sex

Hiplife musician Steven Fiawoo known in showbiz as Praye Tiatia of Praye fame has consistently defended his lover, Selly, since she entered the Big Brother Africa house to compete for the $300,000 cash amount.

He has, however, not gathered courage to pass comment on a widely circulated video in which Selly was believed to be having hot sex with Nando, her male housemate from Tanzania.

Though several showbiz personalities have called on Praye Tiatia to break his relationship with Selly, because she had embarrassed him by having sex with a stranger in a reality show that was been telecast live to a global audience, the musician has remained silent.

Praye Tiatia’s silence is rather surprising considering the fact that he recently asked his management to issue a press statement when news went round that it was because of Selly that he dumped the mother of his children.

The silence from the musician is, however, going down well with Selly’s mother, madam Benedicta Galley who has also challenged the evidence that her daughter had sex with Nando.

The mother has expressed happiness that Praye Tiatia has refused to comment on the issue but has decided to wait for Selly herself to come back home and explain what really happened.

A video of the act circulating on the internet showed Selly and Nando in bed kissing passionately with their hands all over each other.

At a point Nando’s head disappeared under the sheets while Selly kept winding her waist and making erotic moans.

Towards the end of the video, the Tanzanian was seen rocking his waist at Selly’s behind rhythmically under the sheets for over five minutes before leaving the bed to wash down.

Several viewers, the world over, after watching the video of the ‘under bed sheet’ intercourse between Selly and Nando have concluded the two were having sex.

Even though Big Brother confirmed the act, Selly’s mother, denied her daughter was bonked.

She insisted that what happened under the sheet was not sex but just a playful game.

“I don’t believe Selly had sex. Even Big Brother himself could not go under the blanket to see what really happened because I have seen several other male and female housemates who also were under the blanket doing the same thing so you cannot determine that simply because a male and a female are under the blanket it means they are having sex,” Benedicta Galley told Peace Fm’s ‘Entertainment Review’ and said Selly is her only child.

She continued: “In the Big Brother house things are not that open, especially about the romantic scenes for everybody to see that people are having sex openly because everything is done under the blanket.

We always see male and females together, so for me I don’t think they had sex as it is being speculated all over.”

Before this denial, a statement issued by Praye Tiatia’s management had denied reports that Selly was the cause of his breakup with the mother of his children.

“It is disheartening to read stories in the media that are colourfully painted with lies.

Selly had nothing to do with the breakup of Praye Tiatia and his children’s mother.

The relationship ended mutually two years before he met Selly.

“We can confirm that he is responsible for his children and has always been.

During his recent trip to the UK, he shopped for the kids (as every responsible father does) and has continued his responsibility of supporting them upon his return.

There is no bad blood between him and his ex but mutual respect and understanding, as should be the case when there are children involved.

She has a new child with a new partner and is happy.

We urge the media to stop fuelling stories that do not exist, just because Selly is in the Big Brother House, and just because a journalist has been paid to disseminate false information,” Praye Tiatia’s management revealed.