Ensuring Sustained Peace through Qualitative Development

Ensuring Sustained Peace through Qualitative Development

Access to quality life is a fundamental right of every citizen of this nation. This right has been denied the masses mainly because systems and structures in our nation have failed to appropriately address chronic threats to quality life, and meet peculiar needs of the citizenry.

The Ashaiman incident on Monday 24th June 2013 has its roots in neglect, underdevelopment, inequality and injustice.

The existing value system lack the necessary capacity to adequately address issues of poverty, justice, equity, sanitation and repression in our context.

Again, attainment of United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), sustained development and human security will remain elusive to us as a nation, should the existing system and structures be maintained.

Global Peace Advocacy (GLOPA) and Associates suggest an overhaul of the entire economic, political and social systems and structures such that quality development will be stimulated and promoted at a sustainable rate to the benefit of all.

We are in this regard, calling for stakeholder consultations involving government agencies, development partners, academia, civil society organisations, traditional leaders, youth groups, and representatives from other identifiable communities to deliberate on the best ways out of the current menace of underdevelopment, inequality, urbanization and injustices we are faced with as a nation.

We assert that the society will experience real peace, qualitative and sustained development when there is social justice and efficient leadership. Leadership and managers of resources given to us by God must use them to the utmost benefit of generality of citizenry.

The general good is everybody’s good.

Gidisu Charles Dodzi
(Executive Director)
Global Peace Advocacy (GLOPA) and Associates
[email protected]