I Am Ready To Die – Amidu Tells NDC

Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu

FORMER ATTORNEYGeneral and Minister of Justice Martin Alamisi Amidu, says he will continue to speak the truth even if it would mean sacrificing his life to save Ghana and the Constitution from the hands of nation-wreckers.

Ever since he took the decision to pursue the payment of dubious judgment debts to Waterville Holdings, Isofoton SA and Alfred Agbesi Woyome, ‘Citizen Vigilante’ as he prefers to call himself, said “the government and those sub-groups in the NDC who are against the results of the two Supreme Court judgments have persistently endangered my life and personal security since I commenced my action in the Supreme Court in June 2012.”

He emphatically stated that “I, Martin Alamisi Amidu, will not regret dying for defending the Constitution and people of Ghana since fear is the enemy of Change.”

Commenting on the continuous vilification by those groups after the Supreme Court verdict, the former Attorney- General said “the government and its aggrieved party friends are literally informing the foreign companies and other aggrieved Ghanaians that they are at liberty to endanger my life and personal security.”

He was responding to claims by a member of the Legal Team of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Victor Kojoga Adawudu, who is linked to the payments made to Waterville, that he (Martin Amidu) stole documents from the Attorney General’s Department resulting

in the inability to pursue claims against Waterville and Woyome by the AG as reported on the website of Accra-based Citi FM on June 23, 2013. Mr Amidu described the allegations as “baseless, false, malicious and libelous” and intended by the current Attorney-General to vilify him.

He said the legal firm of the current Attorney-General, Marietta Brew Appiah-Opong acted as counsel for a party in the judgment debt conundrum.

Facts On File

While serving as A-G and Minister of Justice, Mr Amidu said he decided not to take possession of the Waterville/Woyome file or allow it to be left in his office.

“Consequently, on 23rd December 2011 when the file was brought to my office by the Chief State Attorney, Samuel Nerquaye-Tetteh, in the company of the Solicitor- General [Mrs. Amma Gaisie] for my first briefing on the Alfred Agbesi Woyome judgment debt scandal which had

infected the Ghanaian political environment, I never took custody of the file or permitted it to be left in my office,” he noted.

Mr Amidu noted, “I hope Mr. Adadevoh would be honourable enough to confirm that anytime he wanted me to have the file I asked him to make available to me only photocopies of the relevant pages we had discussed.”

According to Mr Amidu, “There was, therefore, no way by which I could have taken copies of the documents from Waterville/Woyome files to deprive that Office of pursuing the cases when I left office.

“The exhibits annexed to the Attorney General’s Statement of 1st Defendant’s Case prepared, signed and filed in the Supreme Court by Chief State Attorney Dorothy Afriyie-

Ansah, which contains documents which were not in the incomplete file, exposes the lies being supplied by the Attorney General’s office to the NDC Legal Team with the active approval of the Government to vilify me as a documents’ thief.”


An obviously unhappy Martin Amidu said, “Mr. Adawudu should have known that not being a member of the Attorney General’s Department, even a fool will know that his falsehood that I took office documents away when my appointment was revoked was fed to him by the Government through the Attorney General’s office.

“The Solicitor General and her office who passed on the falsehood to the current Attorney General should be ashamed of themselves for maligning me just because I undertook a defence of the 1992 Constitution when the office failed to advice the then Attorney General that international business or economic transactions such as the Waterville and Isofoton contracts could not be settled when they had not been approved by Parliament.”

Mr Amidu believes Kojoga Adawudu, who was a junior in Awoonor Law Consultancy (ALC), the firm that arbitrated in the Waterville claims and awarded Waterville the €25 million which the Supreme Court ordered to be refunded on June 14, 2013 “is being used by a former partner in

Lithur Brew & Company (Lawyers for Austro Invest) who is now Attorney General to vilify me for allegedly taking office documents away when I left office.

“The use of a political party’s legal team to vilify a senior member of that political party without any sanction from the political party sends a wrong signal when the Constitution of that party mandates a defence of probity and accountability,” he emphasized, wondering why the founder of the NDC has shown NDC and the government what the NDC stands for “but alas those now in control cannot hear nor see the way to probity and accountability”.

By Charles Takyi-Boadu