It Would Be Suicidal For The NPP To Orchestrate Market Fires – Sammy Awuku

A deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Sammy Awuku has expressed support for investigations to unravel the causes of the rampant fire outbreaks which has bedeviled the country in the last few months, but quickly condemned accusations at the NPP for masterminding the inferno.

According to him, it would be suicidal for the NPP to orchestrate the market fires because the party gets a large chunk of its funding from these markets.

The NPP man was of the view that, in the process of finding the causes of the fire outbreaks across the country and possible solutions to the problem, the issues must be decoupled from partisan politics because that could throw the outcome of the investigations into doubt.

“…I think in the midst of all these, we need solutions but if we resort to partisan politics, we would not get the solutions we want. And I tell you this because if the chairman of the NDC comes to state categorically that he suspects NPP of being behind the market conflagrations, then you are asking the members of the NPP to respond in equal manner,” he explained.

He made these comments on Peace FM’s “Kokrokoo” on Tuesday, immediately after news trickled in that fire had engulfed LETAP jewelry which belongs to LETAP Pharmaceuticals Ltd on the Graphic Road in Accra.

This follows a series of seemingly unending occurrence of fire outbreaks in and across the country which has lead to the invitation of American fire experts to help unknot the causes of the fires.

Sammy Awuku, however stated that the unnecessary politicization of such an important matter as fire outbreaks which, according to him, could have even been caused by power fluctuations is not the right approach the solving the problem.

He further insisted that, it would be unwise for the NPP to shoot itself in the foot by causing market place fires because the traders are the driving force behind the party.