Waterville & Isofoton Saga: At The Moment, Both NPP And NDC Is Not Looking Good

Former Deputy Chief of Staff in the erstwhile John Atta Mills administration, Alex Segbefia has asked the two major political parties; the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), to cease commenting on the success chalked by the former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu, in retrieving monies which were illegally paid to Waterville Holdings Ltd and ISOFOTON.

According to him, both parties cannot exculpate themselves from blame because they played a critical role in the controversial judgment debt saga.

Descending on the NPP, Mr. Segbefia, speaking on Radio Gold on Saturday chided the erstwhile Kufour government for not laying before Parliament the agreement it entered into with Waterville Holdings Ltd.

He also resented the culture where the NPP seems to absolve itself from blame when it had initially paid part of the money Waterville Holdings Ltd requested as judgment debt.

He therefore admonished the members of the two parties to seal their mouths, claiming that “at the moment, none of us [the only two political parties that have ruled the country from 1992 to date] is looking good. On the face of it, none of us is looking good…The political statements or political vilifications of one to the other by the two political parties at this stage doesn’t serve any purpose.”

The former deputy chief of staff called on the current Attorney General, Mrs. Marietta Brew Oppong-Appiah, to launch investigations into all judgment debts which were received by companies and individuals, particularly under former President Kufour’s administration.

Alluding to the contract awarded to Shanghai Construction Group for the establishment of some stadia in the country by the Kufour government, Mr. Segbefia said “if Martin Amidu has been good enough to demonstrate that in two of the payments, money has not been paid, I think the Attorney General has the onerous task or a big task of ensuring that since it is whole package; what other payments have not been made should be brought to the fore and of also taken to court for payments to be made.”

“…judgment debt saga is a very, very sad indictment of the way our nation has gone on” and advised the nation to “learn the most painful lessons that are possible from this issue.”