RLG’s offer is an old arrangement – David Assuming

RLG’s offer is an old arrangement – David Assuming

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Works and Housing, David Tetteh Assuming says that RLG’s offer to construct bore-holes in all constituencies “is an arrangement for RLG to assist Members of Parliament.”

“The interaction between the Members of Parliament and RLG dates back to the previous Parliament…This arrangement,” Mr Assuming said, “is not a new one actually.”

RLG on Wednesday wrote to Members of Parliament to select places in their constituencies or a bore-hole to be drilled at the expense of the company.

News of the offer generated heated debates and criticism in the media by some Parliamentarians and civil society groups that considered the gesture as a means to comprise MPs who are expected to investigate alleged misuse of state funds by the mother company of RLG, Agams Group of Companies.

On Eyewitness News on Thursday, Mr. Assuming explained that due some circumstances, the arrangement between Parliament and RLG “could not go through and I don’t know if that is what they want to revive now.”

He described the timing of the offer as unfortunate due to the current allegations of misuse of public funds against the company because “at the previous time that these discussions were going on, this issue of misappropriation had not taken place and so nobody had any issue to query.”

“Well, this time round, these allegations are coming up and so that is the reason why the whole hullabaloo is coming up because of the time,” he added.