Prove That Arrested Persons Are Truly Arsonists

The Bureau of Public Safety has challenged government to prove beyond doubt that the persons who were arrested over the recent market fires are truly arsonists.

Government has announced the arrest of some persons the security agencies believes were behind the various market fires.

Speaking to Citi News the Executive Director at the Bureau of Public Safety, Davidson Akwada said: “whiles it is refreshing to learn that some progress is being made, I think that we are a long way from justice.”

According to him, although what we are talking about is a possible arson which is a second degree felony looking at the damage involved, “the state would need very incontrovertible evidence to tie down these people to the kind of crime that they are being accused of.”

He added that until that is done, “it is not the time for us to jubilate.”

He called on government to intensify its investigations.