GHc 51m Cedis In 2010 Is Not the same As 2013…Woyome & Waterville Must Payback With Interest

Outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin Central constituency in the Central Region, Kennedy Agyapong wants the Supreme Court to order Waterville Holdings Limited and Alfred Woyome to payback not only the monies they received as judgement debt from the Government of Ghana, but also its accumulated interest.

“GHc51 million cedis in 2012 is not the same as 51 million in 2013, because if Woyome can go for the money with interest, I don’t see why for all these years, government comes out with a writ seeking for a refund of the same amount of money to be paid by Woyome; then he (Mr. Woyome) has cheated Ghana Government…

“…So don’t let us talk about 51 million cedis, because the amount in 2010 is not the same in 2013…. Waterville must also pay the same thing,” he said.

The NPP firebrand was commenting on the Minority in Parliament’s suggestions that the Attorney General, in the meantime, must take steps to protect Ghana’s funds by applying to the High Court to order Mr. Woyome, the businessman at the centre of the judgement debt saga, to deposit the sums of money paid him to the court pending the final determination of the government’s action against him.

Adding to the Minority’s proposition, the NPP MP noted that logically any amount owed either by a private citizen or government when reimbursed must be paid with interest unless it is anted up.

In an interview with OKAY FM, the Assin Central MP wondered why the Supreme Court only asked Waterville to only refund to the Government of Ghana, the same amount of money it received three years back, even though Waterville’s payment was with added interest.
“If someone claims government owes him or her and the payment is delayed so there must be interest, how much more Waterville’s 25 million euros? The court has ordered them to refund the same money? He has to pay with interest. I want to draw the attention of Ghanaians; Waterville has to pay with interest.

“…We just don’t have to ask them to pay the same money whiles they (Waterville) received the money with interest as penalty after investing the money and gaining. No, this shouldn’t happen,” he bellowed.