Feature: Adom Praiz 2013: There is something to watch about Kirk Franklin

Feature: Adom Praiz 2013: There is something to watch about Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin

Just watch any Kirk Franklin photo – a stony face and piercing eyes communicate the resolve he has had to become one of world’s finest gospel brands.

And in August, the man steps in Ghana, as Adom FM’s latest international star pull-off –‘Adom Praiz 2013’.

It is beginning to appear God especially gifts the discarded, a sort of helping hand called talent that draws the ordinary from dreary dungeons of hopelessness to a place of prominence.

Franklin was raised by his great aunt, Gertrude, having been abandoned as a baby by his mother. Gertrude collected and resold aluminum cans to raise money for Kirk to take piano lessons from the age of four. Kirk excelled in music, being able to read and write.

Today, Franklin has eleven studio albums. The latest called Hello Fear was released on March 22, 2011. He has won 39 awards, and 3 Grammy awards. Wikipedia has a page dedicated only to document his awards.

All of a sudden a tearful story of childhood neglect Franklin suffered becomes a laughable episode of triumph.

That is why Kirk Franklin’s story – from grass to grace- fits perfectly into what Adom Praise represents – a celebration of God’s grace.

Adom Praiz will not struggle to pull this off. The team has their own standard to beat – not anybody else’s. Time and time again, they catch the eye of prominent international artiste as easily as the majority leader catches the speaker’s eye in parliament.

First, it was a special circle of Ghana’s best gospel musicians in 2009, then American gospel diva Cece Winans – a crowd-puller in 2010. Worship leader Ron Kenoly brought tears in an awesome worship experience on 27th August 2011. The list has grown.

The team has shown a near genetic tendency to organize effectively, surprise skeptics like a miracle and entertain audiences all around the country.

These programs do more than show off Adom FM’s prowess. It is not just a one-day public achievement. There is a by-product. Silently, it is informing and shaping the ambition of young gospel artist to take quality seriously. Take Kwesi Oteng – a class act.

When Adom Fm brings international stars here, it is also creating unconsciously the next Ghanaian star. To borrow renowned Otabil’s words, it is about “shaping visions”.

And so come 3rd August 2013, Kirk Franklin will frankly whip up a gospel frenzy. His songs will touch the hearts of many, his life inspires the lives of the marginalized. If they want to, they can see their lives in his.

And if this marginalized person harbours a musical ambition – he would leave the program with the thought – “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

We are going to see a great assemblage of gospel music lovers united under Adom Praise’s fledging umbrella and listen, cheer, celebrate the work of a man whose story is just one of our own – a triumphant struggle to succeed.

That is why I would be there.