Charge Betty Mould-Iddrisu, Barton Odro, Benjamin Kumbour And Kwabena Duffuor…

When criminally minded persons are handed ministerial positions, the result is a grand collusion to loot and share the available resources of the state as indicated in the judgment passed by the Supreme Court of Ghana in the famous Waterville scandal.

The Young Patriots wish to use this statement to congratulate Mr. Martin Amidu, who in the supreme interest of Ghana went through personal abuse and maligning by a rented NDC press who today shamelessly are taking part in the glory he has brought this country through the landmark ruling. Kudos to him and we encourage him to continue. We have been vindicated in our support for him when he was virtually being bullied out of going to court.

The Young Patriots and our teaming supporters vehemently oppose the position of Mr. Barton Oduro as deputy speaker of parliament and Dr. Benjamin Kumbour as the majority leader. Their roles in the payment of the monies to Waterville as Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General respectively cannot be over emphasized. Their continued stay in office as part of the leadership of parliament is a grand indictment on the parliament of the republic of Ghana.

We therefore suggest to the leadership of parliament of Ghana to as a matter of urgency and for its own sake bring impeachment proceedings against Barton Oduro and the removal of Dr. Benjamin Kumbour as the majority leader of parliament. Parliament which has oversight over the public purse cannot be seen to be colluding, looting and sharing the same public purse it is to protect by its leadership.

Our position as a pressure group for the interdiction of Betty Mould and Dr. Kwabena Duffour is based on their insistence on facilitating the payment and paying in the face of numerous evidences brought before them. We are of the strong belief that they were part of the grand collusion, looting and sharing together with Dr. Kumbour and Barton Oduro.

Hon Joe Ghartey’s report to cabinet to the effect that there was no contract and also that conditions precedent such as approval of the loan by parliament, which was not attained, was a constitutional breach was overlooked by them.

A letter by lawyer Kwame Tetteh, former counsel for Waterville to the effect his former clients had no contract with government, the EOCO interim report to government among others all came to one conclusion that there was no contract between Waterville and government. These evidence which were available to these officers, were blatantly ignored.

It is our strong believe that these officers were motivated by personal reasons than the national interest to make payments, especially against the orders of former President Mill’s not to pay as claimed by EOCO. Though Ghana may be unable to recoup the said amount, however if government is committed to the ruling, steps should be taken to prosecute all officers of the state who were negligent, irresponsible and who colluded to defraud the state.

This will serve as a wakeup call to all public officers to always work in the interest of the state and that the long arm of the justice system will always catch up with you no matter who you are and for how long you are able to loot the state.

Failure by the government to act can only mean the government is itself complacent in the collusion, looting and sharing and so unable to do anything to retrieve our monies.

The Young Patriots will seek legal advice as to how we should proceed to have the said individuals arrested and prosecuted, should government fail to act.