POEM: Marathon in circles

 POEM: Marathon in circles

This is the race for mutual glory
A race to cast our names progressively
On the golden records of world giants.
Our sprint began on equal footing.

As the others are inching in unison
Closer to the ultimate prize,
We stagger spirally in stagnancy
Without recourse to selfless ardour.

My kind have taken a rigid stance
Our strides exude content with crumbs,
A choice relegating us to the margins.

Now we are rational clowns to the others.
Mediocrity shrinks our fortitude to gallop.

As apathy douses our surge to glory,
Selective justice also blurs our vision.

Wherever our acumen flew to
Wherever we lost our bearing,
We must find our divine stamina
To outsprint our competitors
Or we perish under their dictates.

We need not shred our fronts
As the others race on undivided.

Failure to mend our tainted ways
Shall our progressive backwardness
Nip us in the realm mockery.