PHOTO: Betty And Bolt Caught "Bonking" In Big Brother House

Sex in the Big Brother Africa game is inevitable. It starts with hugs, kisses, massages and then it gets hot and intimates under the sheets and the rules of the game allows it if two housemates agree to have sex.

A few days after some housemates treated themselves to some erotic lap dance, another set of housemates have been caught on camera having hot sex in the Big Brother Africa (BBA) house. has been monitoring “The Chase” both on Television and on the internet and we chanced on an exclusive video available on the BBVIP section of the official Big Brother Africa website.

The uncut video reveals how Sierra Leonean housemate Bolt got busy in bed with Ethiopian cutie Betty while everyone was asleep.

In the eight-minute long video, Bolt is seen winding his waist back and forth with Betty from behind in a bed which looked like a student bed.

Betty on the other hand was trying to suppress her moaning sound as she endured the strong penetration.

BBA Viewers all over the world have witnessed how the two have been declaring an undying love for each other. The two have been together since the beginning of the show and they share the same bed.

They took their love a step further to seal their lustful desires in the season 8 of the reality show. Every year, BBA get one or two live sex session from some housemates.

Last year, Ghana’s own Eazzy and Keita produced their very own sex tape during their stay in the BBA Star Game house. BBA fans are expecting more controversial and hard-core scenes from the 28 housemate who have been cut off from the outside world for 92 days.