Rawlings Is The Real Thief

The principle of probity and accountability in Ghana has emerged as a hallmark and a yardstick by which ex-President Rawlings has continuously judged every successful government that took over from him after existing office.

The message which was crafted by the former head of state and his followers during the era of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) leaves pain in the memories of people who lost loved ones, businesses or had to flee the country.

This was certainly the case when Prof. Mike Ocquaye took time off to educate the public on some of the “atrocities” the revolting junior military officers, led by Rawlings unleashed on Ghanaians in the AFRC regime.

Speaking on Okay FM, Prof. Mike Ocquaye accused the chief herald of “probity and accountability”, Mr. Jerry John Rawlings, of being a “thief” who came to falsely accuse hardworking men and execute them.

The former legislator openly advised Mr. Rawlings to learn that the “principle of probity and accountability” doesn’t work through “booming”. He recounted how Mr. Rawlings showed no mercy in taking the life out of a hardworking man who took a loan from a bank.

“Rawlings and his group claim they killed him because he used his influence to procure the loan from the bank. After all this, the wife of ex-president Rawlings also used her influence to also purchase GIHOC Nsawam Cannery…and even with that, she hasn’t paid for the property”.

He argued that par the principles introduced by ex-president Rawlings, he should have prevented his wife from purchasing a state property if he is and was a man of principle. “As for somebody’s father who went in for a loan to build a house, Rawlings managed to assassinate him”.

Prof. Ocquaye ended by noting that the whole idle behind the June 4th uprising was a “contradiction in terms”.