Graphic makes IMANI’s Top 5 list

Mr. Ken Ashigbey, MD of GCGLMr. Ken Ashigbey, MD of GCGL

The Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) has been named among IMANI Ghana’s 2012 Top 5 Most Inspirational Public Sector Leaders report issued by the think tank at the weekend.

The GCGL came second only behind Professor Joshua Alabi, Vice Chancellor, University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) and earned high praise for its management and systems excellence responsible for the staying power of its publications over the years in spite of fierce competition.

A citation accompanying the honour noted that “Graphic Communications has shown consistently that it has one of the most advanced internal controls and preventive structures among corporate organisations in the country by regularly presenting robust accounts to internal and external auditors. For a public corporation, this dedication to world-class corporate governance is remarkable, and certainly commendable.”

Professor Alabi was honoured among other things, for “his quiet, sturdy, and persistent focus on utilising the resources of UPS with a shrewd emphasis on returns and a long-term goal of sustainable excellence” according to the report, especially so in face of the fiscal recklessness seen in parts of the public sector in the year under review. Other winners were;

  • Dr. Kofi Mbiah, Chief Executive, Ghana Shippers Authority (GSA) who came third for being one of a “few individuals working to bring some decency into maritime trade affairs in this country” saddled with “unacceptable conditions at our ports – the corruption, inefficiency, arbitrariness, abuse of discretion, weak systems, etc” despite years of costly IT-based and other reforms.
  • The Driver & Vehicles Licensing Authority (DVLA) came fourth “primarily because of success in one major reform: the outsourcing of some of the vehicle assessment and testing processes to more efficient external garages, a development that has in no mean fashion eased the horrendous burden placed on motorists in this country in complying with our rickety road traffic regulations.”
  • At fifth position was The Frontline Personnel of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) who “Despite persisting weaknesses in Ghana’s fire management system,” continue to “risk their lives daily to fight the infernos raging across Ghana in sharp succession,” and with limited gear and equipment have increasingly shown a regimental discipline in taking on mighty blazes, all the more difficult to manage because of the tropical heat. (Full Report)

IMANI Ghana launched the annual ‘Top 5 Public Leaders of the Year’ list in 2010 to motivate those on the right path of public sector leadership to shine a light on positive developments, to erect powerful role models for the guidance of the rest of society, and to serve as a sharp contrast to behaviours considered detrimental to the country’s progress.