Watch Live Telecast: Day 9 of Supreme Court’s hearing of election petition

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Watch the live telecast of the hearing of the case at the Supreme Court of Ghana. Courtesy:GTV/Joy News

Lawyer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Tsatsu Tsikata is continuing with the cross-examination of Dr Mahamudu Bawumia on Day 9 of the hearing of the election petition.

The petitioners are contesting the declaration of President John Dramani Mahama as the winner of the December 2012 presidential polls.

Mr Tsikata started the cross examination on Monday on a very high note and did not give the witness any breathing space at all.

But as he progressed, he engaged in convivialities and somehow toned down a little.

Initially, counsel, who had adopted a confrontational approach, did not want the witness to explain himself, let alone refresh his memory from prepared documents but expected only straight-jacket responses to his questions.

He confronted the witness first with the issue of pink sheets by reminding Dr Bawumia that he had sworn to tell the truth and so he should adhere to that, since anything to the contrary would defy the oath to speak the truth.