Productivity Under NDC Has Been Shredded Beyond Tatters – Hon. Kokofu

The Member of Parliament for Bantama Constituency, Hon. Henry Kwabena Kokofu has challenged the minister of Information and Media Relations, Mahama Ayariga to scientifically prove to Ghanaians why he claims the live broadcast of proceedings at the Supreme Court is causing low productivity in the country.

The Information and Media Relations Minister, Mahama Ayariga shared his candid opinion on the live telecast of the election petition case pending at the Supreme Court and offered that it was wrecking the economy.

According to the Information Minister, investors would be captivated into Ghana when productivity of the country is improved but devoting hours to televise the election dispute before the Supreme Court will negatively affect the generation of revenues for the economy and as a result, pose a threat to the national fund.

But in an interview with Hon. Kokofu, observed that such claims were solely aimed at putting dust into the eyes of Ghanaians.

He explained that productivity, as it stood now under the current administration was virtually low.

Hon. Kokofu advised Mr. Ayariga not to link the live broadcast of events at the Supreme Court to low productivity since we live in a country where government is killing businesses through “erratic supply of electricity”.

To broaden his point, he underscored that “productivity at the cocoa sector is already low and has declined. The average poor farmer is not getting the fertilizer. The cocoa spraying plan that was initiated by President Kufour is in tatters; so productivity at that sector can be said to be low and that can’t be attributed to the live coverage”.