Phone dealers decry China phones’ low durability 

Abuja –  Dealers in GSM phones and accessories in Abuja on Monday said that Chinese phones sell more due to its dual SIM.

Some of the dealers and repairers at the GSM village on Tuesday said that Chinese  phones were also affordable but noted that their accessories were expensive and hard to find.

Mr John Chukuma, a dealer said that Chinese phones were cheap to get but had low durability and battery problems.

He said the phones helped to reduce the number of phones a person with multiple SIM cards could carry at a time.

He said that chain phone accessories were difficult to get depending on the make of the phones unlike Nokia and others.

Chukuma also said that Korean phones were better than chinese phones in terms of battery durability and accessories, but were not yet popular in the market.

According to him, Nokia phones are still the best due to the fact that they are affordable and have high durability of battery.

“Chinese phones sell more but their accessories are expensive and difficult to find but Nokia and other phones also sell  because their accessories are easy to get and are less expensive.

“People purchase Chines phones due to the fact that they always have double SIM or more SIM carriers.

“We usually sell Chinese phones with low gain, other phones have market value you can always resell or exchange them for different types.’’

Mr Yusuf Zakari, a dealer said that Chinese phones maybe cheaper with multiple carriers but have no second hand value.

“If you purchase a Chinese phone for N10,000 and you want to resell, you cannot sell it for more than N1,500 or even less.

“But when you buy a blackberry phone for N60,000, you can resell for even N40,000 and likewise Nokia phones,’’Zakari said.

Mr Benedict Ogbonna, a repairer said that Chinese phones could not be repaired when they had faults or were not properly handled..

Ogbonna advised Chinese phone users to always avoid water on the surface and buttons because they could damage the screen of the phones.

“One cannot download software on some Chinese phones but can on Nokia phones and others.

“When repairing a Chinese phone ,one cannot detect its fault on the laptop as you can on other phones like Nokia and others.’’

Mr Shola Owolabi , also a repairer, said that Chinese phones may have low durability of battery but if handled properly, can last longer, even though it may not last as long as Nokia.

Owolabi said that some chinese phones last longer than other makes of china phones, saying that such phones cannot be flashed or upgraded.

“I have seen a Chinese phone that lasted for about two years due to maintenance; one can enjoy the use of Chinese  phones if one avoid them from always falling down,”  Owolabi said. (NAN)

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