NBA / Kevin Seraphin: “I was incredibly harassed on Facebook”

Kevin Seraphin will not play t he Euro in September with the team of France. The Guyanese feels he needs to prepare a critical season for himself in the NBA. That determination is critical for several days. The pivot of the Washington Wizards is shocked by the hostile reactions posted on social networks upon his decision. The Caribbean is obliged to justify everything that goes on in the press.

“When I look at the reactions of the public, it looks like I am the first, that I have betrayed the nation! While all I want is to put myself in the best conditions to grow and return to France team even better. These reactions have touched me, I did not expect that. I was harassed on Facebook, I received a lot of messages, and it’s incredible. “

“I understand that it disappointed people, because even me when I was in Cholet, I saw the guys who refused, I said:” But this is not possible, how can they do that!’But you do not see everything behind. This is the NBA, this is my future, behind me, I have my family … Now I understand why it may be necessary to refuse. “

“I do not want to stay just four years in the NBA. The next season is important to me. I know the Wizards rely heavily on me, I belong to the future of the team and I really want to put all the chances on my side. I did not want to be just a player of potential; I want to confirm I want to have the keys. I have not had the chance as Tony (Parker) or Nico (Batum) to have very early the key of the team. I want to step up a level. “