NBA-Homosexuality/Emeka Okafor: “I’m happy with Jason Collins”

The NBA player Jason Collins became the first active athlete in a major team in the United States to reveal his homosexuality. A move welcomed by many personalities. According to YahooSports, Emeka Okafor is part of the inner circle who knew that Jason Collins would reveal his homosexuality on Monday. The interior the Wizards of Nigerian origin spoke about the announcement of Jason Collins.

“I’m happy for him and I congratulated him. It’s not easy to tell, especially since we never know how it can be perceived. Especially since he is the first player in the league to unveil. “

“He called me just before the article and so announced me that. But before that, I was not aware of anything. I told him I thought he was doing something very brave. “

“He is always the same person. He was well integrated into the group; he will still have the same relationship with us. If he comes back, everything will be the same as before. “

“For a gay athlete to perform like that is very complicated and important. The majority of us do not have this pressure to wear a secret that other players might judge. We do not have to as if the people around us are in the same situation whereas it is not the case. You can be punished because of this difference. The fact that he makes the effort to make his coming out, and this is the first person to do that is very commendable. Should we make a fuss? This is a more complicated issue, especially in our time. “

“I am tempted to answer” no “, but it is not that easy. With the help of Jason, I think attitudes will change and it will become something mundane. People announce their homosexuality and we will respond “Okay, then. Put on your jersey and play. “. This is what Jason hopes. “