“Many musicians are lazy performers” – Lord Osei

by Samuel A. Baah, Flex Newspaper

If you know his personality and his attitude on a stage as a musician, then there is no way you will doubt this gospel artiste when he says many of our musicians are lazy performers. In this week`s edition of Flex newspaper, we are dedicating space to celebrate Lord Osei Bondzie of No Tribe fame.

Lord as his contemporaries call him can be described as the engine of No Tribe as his presence on the stage enlightens performance anytime it is his turn to change the tempo of their stage acts.

He is known with his powerful and soothing voice which does not alter, no matter the stress it passes through.

One element that makes No Tribe thick is their ability to do praises which has the magnitude to make secular music lovers dance to the Glory of God. Even on days that the founder of No Tribe Nacy will not be available for a performance, Lord takes up the mantle to make sure nothing lacks in their stage act especially with singing and energetic dancing. His energy on any given stage and time cannot be matched by any other gospel artiste in this country.

When Flex newspaper engaged him in a chat last week Monday in their office located at Mataheko, little did we know that he has been observing the floppy performance of his colleague musicians, chiefly among them the secular musicians. In the chat, Lord made the following observations.

“I wonder why musicians who will be paid good amounts of money to perform will be miming and acting as if they are feeling lazy in a trade they call their profession. Being a good musician is your ability to sing your own songs even better than you did in the studios or on the CD.

A good performer should be able to move his audience despite the challenges he is likely to encounter whiles on the stage. It is your duty to be singing your own songs so if you mount a stage and you expect a Cd to be played for you, whiles even waiting for the audience to do the singing, then there is no way you should be paid at all.

You are only wasting the money which was paid you. All musicians should note this, being a good musician means being a good performer as well. You need to do both equally” he told Flex newspaper in a chat.

If you have heard about the new product coming from the stables of Nacy recordz called Worship leaders, then you should know that Lord is leading the pack for the victory. Worship leaders is a new album in town, which comprises some great worshipers from different churches on the same album.

. Lord is a bonafide member of the award winning gospel group No Tribe which just secured a management deal in London (U.K)