Korle Bu PRO: We Will Not Shield Any Medical Personnel Found of Extortion

Mustapha Salifu, the Public Relations Officer of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has stated that the Hospital Authorities would not shield any medical personnel found to be extorting monies from patients before treatment if they are furnished with evidence to that effect.

“…if we are provided with any leads or any links, we would go into it and we can assure you that we would not shield anyone who engages himself or herself in this kind of act, because this is unacceptable acts. We would not want any staff member to take advantage of patients who would need our services,” he explained.

Speaking on Adom Fm, the mouth piece of the Ghana’s premier hospital made these comments on the back of a publication by the Chronicle newspaper indicating that, members of staff of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital take monies before attending to patients.

This, according to the paper, is happening in the wake of a strike action by both the Ghana Medical Association and the Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOPSA) to press for the payment of allowance arrear.

However, patients claim they have to pay as much as between GHC 100 and GHC 400 to medical personnel, for which no official receipt is issued, depending on the illness before they at given attention.
The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has therefore asked the Chronicle newspaper and the general public to volunteer evidence, if any, so as to expedite actions into investigations in the allegation.