Italy: Mario Balotelli had broken up with his girlfriend!

Super Mario is not that crazy. We understand better the bet totally dared to let his girlfriend sleep with the players of Real Madrid if they pass the course on Tuesday against Borussia Dortmund.

The Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport revealed today that Mario Balotelli had put an end to his relationship with Fanny Neguesha , the beautiful blond Belgian with whom he shared great times for a few months. He had dropped his ex-girlfriend Rafaella Fico who had yet given him a daughter.

“There would be water in the gas between the two lovebirds for a few days, and to make matters worse, the Italian incorrigible was sighted in good company in a Milan dancing club on Sunday night,” added the Croustifoot site . Yet the Italian-Ghanaian was full of praise for his beautiful, considering also having changed thanks to her presence in his life.

Apparently Balotelli is not ready to change. So, for those who were waiting to see if Super Mario will keep his promise tonight, it is missed. But do not be surprised to see him return with Fanny after the game.

He has already proven with Rafaella Fico, before the latter totally insane cutting decks.